A Sustainable Growth Strategy to Meet Energy Challenges

Germany’s Mitteldeutschland GmbH refinery at night

Total's strategic vision, which combines performance and responsibility in an integrated business model, coincides with rising energy demand and new environmental challenges.

In 2030, global energy demand is forecast to be 25% higher than in 2010, and 75% of it will be met by fossil fuels. Demographic and economic growth in emerging economies will be the primary drivers of the jump in demand.
At the same time, a concerted international effort is needed to curb climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.
To meet energy needs without abandoning the environment, we are placing sustainable development squarely in the center of our strategy, to better serve our customers.

Total, a Global Energy Company With Strong Core Values 

On an oil platform, two Total employees in full safety gear — coveralls, hard hat and gloves — read a work document

Safety is a vital, round-the-clock focus for

Total employees.

Total's mission is to responsibly enable as many people as possible to access energy in a world of constantly growing demand, by focusing on three basic cornerstones:

As an energy company, we are also leveraging our integrated business model, which enables us to capture all of the synergies in our business base and areas of expertise.

Total is a leading international oil company and a global producer of natural gas and petrochemicals. We are also looking to solar and biomass to prepare the energy future.

To meet energy needs without abandoning the environment, we are placing sustainable development squarely in the center of our strategy, to better serve our customers.

A Profitable, Sustainable Model to Serve Our Customers Worldwide

We are expanding our business activities with a goal of delivering sustainable performance, while emphasizing investment and our social license to operate. We are pursuing several strategies:

  • Growing our exploration and production operations, while strengthening our position as a global leader in gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG).
  • Developing top-tier, competitive refining and petrochemical platforms.
  • Making strides while keeping pace with market trends and changes, by adapting our refining base to meet demand, solidifying our European positions and pursuing selective growth opportunities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Securing the energy future by stepping up our push for innovation in the fields of solar and biomass, through continued research & development efforts.
  • Developing innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency, a key driver to manage higher demand and its environmental impact.
  • Helping drive local development in our host countries.

Total Is the Main Shareholder of SunPower, a Global Leader in Solar Energy

Total holds 65% as of December 31, 2013 of U.S.-based SunPower, which designs, manufactures and installs the most efficient solar panels in the global market — an unequaled 21.5%. And the company's Maxeon™ cells deliver 24.2% efficiency, outperforming conventional cells — average efficiency of 16% — by up to 50%.

Today, SunPower is the linchpin of our commitment to solar energy.

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