Oxy-fuel combustion boiler at the Lacq CCS demonstration project in France

Capture and geological storage of CO2: the Lacq demonstration

Since January 2010, we have been testing Europe’s first commercial-scale end-to-end carbon capture, transportation and storage chain, in Lacq, southwestern France. We have invested €60 million in the demonstration project.

Operations entail capturing the post-combustion carbon emitted by a modified boiler at the Lacq production facility; transporting it to the storage site in Rousse, France, 27 kilometers away; and injecting it into the storage area, a depleted natural gas reservoir 4,500 meters underground.

The primary objectives are to improve our command of the oxy-fuel combustion process, significantly lower the costs and boost the energy efficiency of capture, demonstrate the feasibility of converting an existing boiler into an oxy-fuel combustion boiler and gain proficiency in an end-to-end carbon capture, transportation and storage chain.

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