Developping together a solid safety culture to be shared

Two workers sharing safety information on operations and upgrading at the Feyzin refinery in France

Safety management systems (SMS) are the foundations on which we build the safety of our facilities. In addition, we deploy a shared safety culture that engages all employees.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

To strengthen safety in its different units, Total uses Safety Management Systems (SMS) based on organizational principles and best practices recognized by the industry. After defining a safety policy and objectives, the means to implement it are set in motion. Then the results are measured and action plans are adjusted if need be.

These SMS are assessed using third-party experts recognized protocols. At the end of 2009, almost all sites presenting technological risks had their systems approved, in keeping with the objective set.

The "Safety Sulture" Approach

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Since 2005, in order to reinforce the efficiency of SMS and facilitate their ownership by all the parties involved, we have gradually organized an approach designed to strengthen our safety culture, in particular through the "Culture Based Safety" (CSB) program.

The "safety culture" approach promotes the development of a more directive — participative management style based on both management leadership and employee involvement.

Schema of the culture based safety

In the context of this approach, Total has decided to go even further in developing the CBS program, which is more specific. It is based on a diagnostic of a unit’s safety culture (using a questionnaire on perceptions and employee interviews). The diagnostic provides an assessment of the site's safety culture (in particular its strengths and weaknesses) and allows implementation of appropriate initiatives.

In keeping with our initiatives since 2005, the development of our safety culture is the main thread of the Group’s 2010-2013 Safety Plan.

At the end of 2009, all the Group’s branches had joined this program whose principles are reiterated in the Group’s new Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Charter. 25 entities have adopted this approach, representing 20% of the Group's non-manufacturing businesses. 7,000 completed questionnaires have been used and nearly 1,500 people have been interviewed (including employees of outside firms).

The Annual Performance Review

The annual performance review has been generalized to all business units and sets specific safety objectives. A leaflet has been designed to help managers define safety objectives with their staff.

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